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I have a Dream

I will grow by my dreams

I will see through the sift haze of a spring and through the red fire of cold winter evening

I will nurture my dreams through the troubled nights till I present to the world in the morning light

Because for me my goal and my purpose are built and are certain

I only wait for the hands of destiny to etch the path, in which I must follow,

And of course who or what my oppositions shall be

For I will not be afraid of anyone or anything,

I will damn the consequences and do what I’ve got to do

For the future belongs to those who have dreams and have faith in their dreams

Ladies and gentlemen, this day I make a public announcement,

The future belongs to me

Cos I have a dream this beautiful day...[more]

On and on, I shall...

Though the night may seem so dark

And the day so dull

Even hope seems to be hoped for

As my situation seems bereft of a solution

Still, I shall see beyond my sight

And feel beyond my touch

I will hope against hope

And like the caged bird, on and on I shall sing...[more]

I am Able...

Truth my friends is that all men are disabled.
Some in the body, many in material, and some in the location of birth.
But our peculiar disability is the hurdle that our life's purpose must first overcome.
And when our disability is subdued by our passion, our greatness will show.
Behind every disability is a star waiting to be released.
The world awaits your works.
Disabled but not unable,
reject your doubt, conquer your fear, square up your shoulders, chest out and put a smile on your face cos you will make it.

As long as you believe that I am able...[more]

The 3rd  Eye...

Our disabilities are to the extent to which we are disabled from within. With what does Steve Wonder see the keys of the piano? There are a number of stories to prove that life is lived beyond the physical agencies of the physical senses. Chiefest amongst them is Helen Keller, the prolific leader, writer and inspirational mother of nations. She was born blind and remained so all her life but built a ring of followership and admirers so strong that she is highly sought by many nations for her goodwill and wealth. When asked what could be worst than being born blind she replied “being born with sight yet without a vision”. She chose not to resort herself to blindness but lived through the powerful agency of the 3rd Eye.

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