As he neared Gethsemane he became strangely silent,

He had often visited this place for prayer ‘n meditation,

But never with a heart so full of grief

 As upon this night of his last agony 

Now he is to be counted amongst the transgressors,

The guilt of fallen humanity he now but bear

He that knew no sin,

Upon him is to be laid the iniquity of us all

So dreadful the sight of sin before him

So great the weight of guilt which he was to bear

That he is tempted to fear that it I will shut him

From the presence of the father forever.


But what was to be gained by this sacrifice he thought,

The teachers of the law had rejected him,

One of his most faithful disciples would deny him

One of his most trusted disciples would betray him

All would forsake him.

Jesus wondered at why all of humanity would unite in the plots of Satan against him

 The conflict was terrible


As he contemplated the price to be paid for human soul

In his agony, he clings to the cold ground

As if to prevent him self from being farther from the father,

The cold chilling due of the night

Falls upon his prostrate form

And from his pale lips comes the bitter cry

Father if it be possible let this cup pass from me

Yet even now he adds

Nevertheless not as I wilt but as thou will

Trice he uttered this prayer and

Thrice his humanity shrunk at the reality of this last crowning sacrifice

 The powers of good and evil waited earnestly

To hear God’s answer to

Christ thrice repeated prayer.

The angels from the heavens

Longed to bring relief to the divine sufferer

But this might not be,

As the mysterious cup trembled in the hands of the master

Behold the heavens opened and the angels came

But not to take the cup away from the masters hand but to strengthen him to drink it

With the assurance of the fathers love.

And the cometh Judas,  with an evil passionate kiss he betrayed my master.


For two days he was without food or drink, he had faced the agony of Gethsemane,

The denial of peter,

The anguish of betrayal, he had been forsaken by all his closest allies

He had bee taken fro Annas to Caiphas,

From Caiphas to Pilate

From Pilate to Herod

And from Herod back to Pilate

From insult to renewed insult, from shame to mockery

Jesus the son of the living God.


As he passed through the gates of Pilate's courts

The cross that had been prepare for Barabas the thief

Was placed upon his innocent, bruised and bleeding shoulders

Some time ago his disciples would closing so close to him

As he walked the streets of Galilee

For it was a thing of high honour to be associated with the master,

But now in shame and humiliation they follow from a distance,

From the same lips that came the cries of praise

Hosanna Hosanna in the highest

As he made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem

Came the wicked cry

crucify him crucify him as he made his way to Golgotha and was nailed on the crosss

At the baptism and transfiguration,

The voice of God had been heard from the heaven

Proclaiming him as his beloved son

But now on the cross when the voice was needed the most

The beloved father was silent.

“if thou be the Son of God why don’t you save you self the people cried out

Little did they know that it was because he refused to save himself

That the world is safe today.


The sun refused to shine upon this awful scene

Amidst the thick darkness God’s presence was hidden

In this dreadful hour

Jesus is not to be comforted by the father’s unfailing love

The harsh lightening that struck that night

Seemed to be lashed at him

He could take it no more he cried out

Elloi Elloi Lama Sabach Thani,

My God my God why hath thou forsaken me


And the spotless Son of God

Hung on the cross, his body designed with stripe

Those hand of his that often reached out in healing

Nailed to the wooden bars

Those legs of his that moved so tirelessly in ministries of love

Spiked to the tree.

That royal head of his

Pierced with crown’s of thorns that mouth of his that so often the word of God came out shaped in a cry of woe

And in trumpet like tones that seemed to resound in all of creation he cried out

it is finished (thunder and lightening)

 And Jesus bowed his head upon his breast and died

Apparently forsaken of God

He had drank his last from the cup of human woe.


But why didn’t the Jews and the rulers of Israel know the Son of God

At his birth the stars had know him and had guided the wise men to the manger where he did lay

Even the wind and seas had know him and had maintained their peace at his command

Demons and diseases had know him and trembled in fear at his word

The ricks had known him and had shivered into fragments when he cried out it is finished.

All of nature had known him, yet the Jews and the rulers of Israel knew not the son of the living God.


And the disciples watched in utter despair as he was brought down from that stained old rugged cross

His hair matted with blood

His eyes shot, his hands folded on his breast and his lips seeming forever silent

They watch as he was laid in a borrowed tomb, he that owned the whole of the world.

A heavy stone was rolled against the entrance of the tomb and a guard of a hundred soldiers kept to protect the tomb

Permit me to say he was very dead

But that s not how the story ends

For three days later early Sunday morning,

Behold Mary had gone to seek the corps of Jesus but it was said unto her why seek ye the living among the dead

For behold there was a mighty earthquake,

The angel of the lord had descended from the heavens,

His countenance was as lighten and his raiment as whit as snow,

For fear of him the guards did shake and became as dead men

Brave soldiers that have never been afraid of human power taken captive with neither sword nor spear

For the face upon which they looked today was not the face of a mortal warrior, but the face of the Captain of the Lord’s own army

They watched as he rolled away the heavy stone as one would kick away a tiny little pebble

And out of the grave Jesus came out proclaiming over the sepulcher

Oh death, where is thy sting, Oh grave where is they victory

For it is written of me in the Volume of the books that thou shall not leave my soul in Hades, neither shall you leave the son of man to rot hi hell

Cos even in the grave he is Lord

He died but he is not dead…he is alive

To turn your gory days into glorious days

You pains into gains

Your scars into stars that shine as brightly as the sun,

For he is alive again…cheer up brethren, he is alive!!


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