I am Able

As the world's darkness gives way to the fresh shreds of light,

I see Beethoven, the father of music,
they say he was deaf but he composed the greatest sounds.
I see Albert Einstein, today, the world's greatest man but mocked at youth for inability to speak or do simple maths.
I see Bill Gates, today's richest man but labelled school dropout just decades ago.
I see one of the greatest women to walk the earth, Helen Keller, yet born blind, never could hear and never knew the joy of speaking one word.
I see the world's greatest inventor, Thomas Edison who could not read or write even after twelve years old.
I see the world's greatest, with enough reason to die in fear, but had much faith to touch the world.
They were called disabled, but in their hearts they reminded themselves
I am able.


People say disability is the absence of a human gift.
But History says it is the foundation for uncommon achievement.
To some, it is a dead end but to others a signpost.
Just like the wind. It will put off small fires of small desires but fans to flame the great fires of great passions.
Your disabled body is not a curse until you are disabled in your mind.
I can turn the eyes of the world away from what I

 don’t have, to see what I have.
I am able.


I am able to do great things.
I am able to touch the world if not with my hands then with my heart.
I am able to face the mockery of men and frustrations of the moment,
I am able to live a happy life and make my living worth the while.
I am able to sharpen my gifts and leave the prints of my heart in the heart of humanity.
I am able to fight the fight of faith.  to overcome my mountain and get to the other side.
I am able to crawl, to walk, to run and to fly to my God given destiny.
I am able.


Truth my friends is that all men are disabled.
Some in the body, many in material, and some in the location of birth.
But our peculiar disability is the hurdle that our life's purpose must first overcome.
And when our disability is subdued by our passion, our greatness will show.
Behind every disability is a star waiting to be released.
The world awaits your works.
Disabled but not unable,
reject your doubt, conquer your fear, square up your shoulders, chest out and put a smile on your face cos you will make it.

As long as you believe that I am able.


Uche Iloka © 20 January 2013

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