I  have a Dream…

When William Wallace submitted to death in the hands of his adversary

He was holding on to a dream that would conquer the whole of the world

For by his death Scotland the dream became Scotland the reality

Several years ago all Mr Disney had was a city clearly sketched in his mind.

Today Disney land is the eighth wonder of the world

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jnr. had a dream that the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners shall come together and dine together at the table of brotherhood.

Today well over 40 years later, the dream did not go down to the grave with Martin Luther but is an obvious fact in America today.

It was a dream that took Joseph, the eleventh out of twelve sons of his father from the pit to the palace,

It was a dream that made David a mere shepherd boy in the field to become king of a nation which was the world power in his time.

Indeed it was a dream that made Jesus endure the suffering of the cross for it was nothing to be compared to the glory that would follow.

Today like these great men that have lived and passed on to glory I dare say that I have a dream, this beautiful day.


Dreams are tiny little seeds that make a mighty forest.

They are the elements that fuel the furnace in our lives

The earth was created by dreams. Indeed, the world is held together by dreams.

But people what we shall say to these things seeing that I am but a youth;

Having little but seeing too much;

Sleeping on a six spring mattress yet seeing a flourishing garden and great success;

Treading through the valleys of life yet seeing the mountain’s peak up high;

Having nothing else but a dream.

I dare say nevertheless that I have a dream this beautiful day/


I will grow by my dreams

I will see through the sift haze of a spring and through the red fire of cold winter evening

I will nurture my dreams through the troubled nights till I present to the world in the morning light

Because for me my goal and my purpose are built and are certain

I only wait for the hands of destiny to etch the path, in which I must follow,

And of course who or what my oppositions shall be

For I will not be afraid of anyone or anything,

I will damn the consequences and do what I’ve got to do

For the future belongs to those who have dreams and have faith in their dreams

Ladies and gentlemen, this day I make a public announcement,

The future belongs to me

Cos I have a dream this beautiful day.


I may be troubled, but I am not distressed

I may be perplexed, but I am not in despair

I may be afraid but I would not be overwhelmed

I may be in battle, but I am not embattled

I may be disabled but certainly not unable

Many they may be that persecute me, yet I am not forsaken

It may seem to you my head is bowed in shame and defeat

Make no mistake about it I am only scheming a comeback plan

Because the mountain before me may be so tough, but it can’t get any tougher and guess what, I can

So though mockers and scorners may knock on every side,

I would yet sit on the table prepared before me in their sight

For I have a dream this beautiful day


I refuse to be named among timid souls whose lives have stood for nothing

Who tasted neither victory nor defeat?

Neither shame nor fame

Who made no footprints in the sands of time?

For their feet was affixed in one position all the days of their lives

For fear of failure, I say they have failed

So in the words of Dean Alfange-

I refuse to be a common man; it is my right to be uncommon if I can

I refuse to stand in one position but to crawl if I can, I choose to stop to crawl but walk if I can I chose to stop to walk but run if I can

I choose to stop to run but fly for I can

I prefer the changes of this life to the safety of a merely guaranteed existence

So I seek opportunity and not security,

That with neither fear nor timidity

I would take the calculated risk to dream and to build and to make footprints in the sands of time. That my children and my children’s children would read about me in their history books cos, I have a dream this beautiful day.


Herein is my faith made manifest

That for every flood there is a Noah’s ark

That for every Pharaoh there is Moses

For every wall of Jericho, there is a Joshua

That for every Goliath there is a David

For every Lion’s den, I see a Daniel

For every Nebuchadnezzar’s fire, I see a Shadrach Meshack and an Abednego

For every valley of dry bones, I see a Prophet Ezekiel

For every forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, I see the beautiful old rugged cross of cavalry

So for every state of hopeless fear and troubled night, I see a symbol of faith hope and a dream

I dare say I have a dream this beautiful day


Uche Iloka © June 2004

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