No Law could hold Him Down...

And we have found laws, both natural and man-made.

Trapped in ink…black and white and all of man, inadvertently, subject to these laws

But on the streets of this one book, I met a certain man

And none of these laws could hold him down


I read about the law of conception which requires the seed of a man in the womb of a woman before any given woman can conceive and bring forth a child.

But what manner of man is this?

For he required not the agency of a man,

But by the seed of a pure Ghost,

He was conceived in the womb of his virgin mother

And was born into this world in human flesh

Alive and well

For no law could hold him down


How about the law of Chemistry which requires a certain mixture of fruit chemicals for any given wine to be made drinkable and sweet,

But what manner of man is this?

For at the feast at Cana,

At the wish of his mother,

He turned dirty dish water to the finest wine of the day

For no law could hold him down.


I also know about the law of immersion, it states rather emphatically that when any given substance of weight

Is placed on the surface of any given waters of depth

It has only one direction to go…

Down and sinking

But what manner of man is this?

For in the midst of the storm

And in the turbulence of the sea

He stepped on the surface of the Sea of Galilee,

And as if to defile the law any further

He walked on the troubled waters, not going down as  this law of immersion would expect for no law could hold him down


What about the basic law of Arithmetic

It states that one plus one equals two

And two divided by two equals one

But what manner of man is this?

For with a little boy’s lunch

Of just five loaves of bread and two fishes

He fed five thousand men, women and children not counted

Having 12 baskets full, left over

For no law could hold him down.


I also know about the law of economy, it states that the legal tender of any given nation

Shall only be as regulated by the financial controlling body of such a nation

But again, what manner of man is this?

For when tax was required of him

He needed not to go to the central bank of Israel

But from the mouth of a fish,

He withdrew enough money to pay his tax and that of his friends

For no law could hold him down.


What about the Law of rigor mortis

It states that bare a few moments after the occurrence of death, the deceased body shall become stiff and inflexible,

Bit what manner of man is this?

For it wasn’t a few moments but four days after the death of his friend

He went to the entrance to the tomb and called out to he that were dead as though he were alive…

LAZARUS!!!! Come forth he said

And he that was dead came hopping out flexing both joint and muscle for rigor mortis could not hold him down.


What about the indisputable law of death

The law states that it is appointed unto all men once to die

And that my friend, they say, is a point of no return.

But what manner of man is this?

But before the eyes of many witnesses, he was laid in the tomb

His hair matted with blood

His eyes shut, his hands folded on his breast

His lips, seeming forever silent.

And a heavy stone was even rolled against the entrance of the grave

Permit me to err in English as Pablo would do, he was very dead!....


But that’s not how the story ends

For three days later, early Sunday morning

Behold there was a mighty earthquake

For the angel of the lord had descended from the heavens

His countenance was as lighten and his raiment as white as snow

For fear of him, the guards did shake and became as dead men

Brave soldiers that have never been afraid of human power

Taken captive with neither sword nor spear

For the face upon which they looked today

Was not the face of a mortal warrior, but the captain of the Lord’s own army,

And they watched as he rolled away the heavy stone as one would kick away a tiny little pebble,

And out of the grave, this man called JESUS came out

Proclaiming over the sepulchre

Oh death where is thy sting, and oh grave where is thy victory

For it is written of me,

Thou shall not leave my soul in Hades neither shall you leave the son of man to rot in hell

For not even death can hold him captive, even in the grave he is Lord

And no law can hold him down!

Uche Iloka ©  2003  

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