On and on I shall…

Though the night may seem so dark

And the day so dull

Even hope seems to be hoped for

As my situation seems bereft of a solution

Still, I shall see beyond my sight

And feel beyond my touch

I will hope against hope

And like the caged bird, on and on I shall sing


It may take so much effort to wear a smile on my face

And even more to rid off my fear for this race

It may be a long way to my dream place

But on this dark day, I will keep on walking

For though I may not yet be there

I sure am not where I used to be

For in the midst of this black night

My stars will shine so bright that the Sun may envy

That even though the day may delay,

Like the caged bird, on and on I shall sing


I may seem so coiled up in the shells of shame

And my future trampled upon by ancient histories of pain

Even my name I fear to bear,

For it tags along with it great responsibility and deep despair

But as the words of the Spirit resound

My faith is made more profound

My will is toughened, that though the night tarries, Joy shall come in the morning

And as says Maya, like the dust, you may beat me beneath your feet all you want

But indeed like the dust, the harder you beat the higher I shall rise.

For like the caged bird, on and on I shall sing


To all my friends, this note again I sound

Be careful how you read me, lest you misread me

For I have long been weaned from my timidity,

Now, beyond the terrors of the night and shadows of my fear

I see a day beautifully clear

For the turbulence of the sea shall no longer move me to rage

But with quietness and courage, I shall still the storm

I may be quite but I shall not be timid

I may be respectful but I shall not be afraid

I may be pressured on every side but I shall not be overwhelmed

I may be content but make no mistake about it I am not yet satisfied

It may seem I have lost the battle, but brothers I shall win the war

And like the caged bird, on and on I shall sing


Hereon does my faith stand.

That he was born to die that death may be defeated

Now with him, I have risen above the bleakness of the past

For though I had been in the miry clay,

Now on the solid rock, I shall stay

For he has caused me to laugh on the day I mourned

Now I shall no longer walk on naked feet

But as a prince, I shall ride on horses.

For this is the fine day

When I shall move beyond the rage of my cage

And high up in the sky I shall fly

For as a cage bird I shall sing and as a free bird I shall sour…on and on


Uche Iloka © 21st August 2009


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