The 3rd Eye…

Many years ago, there lived a young lad. In his sleep, he dreamt of meeting a fairy who led him to a field which she said was his. She told him to dig the field, and as he did that, he found so much gold that made him arguably the richest man in the world. It was at this point that he woke up to find that it was all a dream. In regret and frustration he went to a great teacher and related that dream. The great teacher gave him the interpretation of the dream- that field was his “mind”. It is so rich that if any man would dig deep enough into it, he would find enough resources to achieve anything- the field is the “3rd Eye”.


In the movie “Lion King 1 ½” Timon told the story of how he came to find his destiny. In the search for his identity he was told by the Monkey “SEE beyond your eyes can LOOK!” Looking or Sight is a function of the two optical eyes, whilst Seeing or Vision is a function of the 3rd Eye. It is the going beyond by the Use of the 3rd Eye that actually makes all the difference.


There are different types of people in the world today; the white and the black, the disabled and the healthy, people from various tribes and religions, etc. in the spectrum of all that variety, there are only three levels of people; those who write the news, those who read  the news, and those who MAKE  the news. If this thesis is not clear enough,  then let me make it simpler in the words of the great Scottish philosopher , Sir Ralph Waldo Emmerson “small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss IDEAS” Ideas are offsprings of imaginations, and the act of imagining is the act of seeing with the 3rd Eye.


In the world today, it has become increasingly obvious that no man is born with an undue advantage over others. Though some are born into wealth and royalty, and others are born into the slums of the ghetto, we have seen many born rich yet live poor, and many born poor become rich and influential. This dismisses the obnoxious cliché that “the world is unfair”. As the old Irish saying goes “no matter how tall or short your father is you have to do your own growing”. In the words of Shakespeare “the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars…” The hard truth is that everyone was born into equality. I am yet to see one really born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It is a good shame, we are all born stack naked. So, what really makes some naked babies turn into great men and others turn into small men? The difference is what we see (a function of the 3rd Eye), for to really see is to know, and what we know would determine the decisions we take, our decisions determine our actions, the actions determine the results we get. It is the result that makes all the difference. You are who you see yourself to be. “as a man thinks in his heart , so is he” we really are not disadvantaged or disabled, because the 3rd Eye never goes blind, the problem is many never look through it.


Our disabilities are to the extent to which we are disabled from within. With what does Steve Wonder see the keys of the piano? There are a number of stories to prove that life is lived beyond the physical agencies of the physical senses. Chiefest amongst them is Helen Keller, the prolific leader, writer and inspirational mother of nations. She was born blind and remained so all her life but built a ring of followership and admirers so strong that she is highly sought by many nations for her goodwill and wealth. When asked what could be worst than being born blind she replied “being born with sight yet without a vision”. She chose not to resort herself to blindness but lived through the powerful agency of the 3rd Eye.



There also lived a man who was born at a time where all men believed that the world that they lived in had been discovered, and theirs was the only place human existed. This man saw lands afar off, not with the optical eyes, but with the 3rd Eye. He convinced a few men and set sail to a destination unknown to nobody but himself. Through the great storms of the sea, they sailed on losing sight of all they ever knew. For months and even years, they would sail until finally, most of the nations and lands of the world that we live in today were discovered. That man was Christopher Columbus; his only compass was the compass of the 3rd Eye.


This concept of the “3rd Eye” would certainly not be complete without the story of the man who saw beyond looking at a “mere rat” but saw something more. The ‘rat’ is the reason for “Mickey Mouse” and the man was “Walt Disney”. What men saw and detested, Mr. Disney saw millions of Dollars in it. Mr. Disney was the same man who saw mountains in Florida even though Mountains never existed in Florida. In the opening of Disney land, the wife of Late Walt Disney said of it - “we are finally seeing why my husband saw” Though he wasn’t there. He was the first to see it.


Sadly in the words of Myles Munroe “we live in a world that the normal is accepted and the average is respected” we are trained in schools to be normal and average. This is how far our optical eyes can take us. Myles Munroe also said “very few things have been achieved within the confines of the accepted ‘norm’. Why follow a path when you can live a trail?”


All men are gifted to see beyond the physical. It is seeing beyond that causes men to be looked upon by other men as “gods”. In other words the optical eyes aids in effective contact with the world, but the strongest eye-the3rd Eye- creates…a function of “gods.”


Our physical world is a place under construction. Some men take from the unseen and impact on the physical; fellow men applaud at their inventions. So the notion that if it is not seen with the optical eyes, it does not exist is false. True existence is a function of the 3rd Eye. As long as you can imagine it; it can exist. So rather than “seeing is believing”, believing (imagining and creating with the 3rd eye) is seeing. Anything is possible.



Uche Iloka © 2004


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