Twisted : Ridiculous Mercy... Guilty but justified…

Stage One

I woke on that morning, not sure what day it was.

I was the night before; it was just I and Denise.

Now this was the issue,

You better get out some tissue.

Cos the story is full of gloom

It could mess up your mood.

 I was drunk and stoned

When Alicia had phoned.

She was screaming at me, wondering who I was out with.

Well, I couldn’t respond, cos Denise would have my throat slit.

See Alicia had left her father just to be with me through any weather.

Her brother, Dread, had said No! That he’d first be dead for us to be together.

Her father was a preacher, and Alicia sang in his Choir.

He said since I, an unbeliever, I was headed for hell fire.

Dread, on the other hand, was the kind referred to as lukewarm - neither hot nor cold.

But Alicia was burning hot, till I brought some chill.

So now she had stayed out in the cold, as the old man shut the doors.

She hated any who hated me and loved any who loved me.

So against all odds, we got wed in the courts.

Now here is the twist, Dread was married to Denise,

Yet Denise kept flashing me the green.

Now, this tempter is a dark queen.

So when it comes to her, I can’t help but be weak and mean.

Be faithful? Ha! I wish I could I would but I can’t and so I won’t.

How could this be said? That I dated the wife of my wife’s big brother?

Twisted, isn't it?


Stage Two

Well back to that night, I still had the secret under control.

But it was burning me deep down when I answered the call.

I could hear Alicia cry even though I was high.

When she got off the phone, it was Denise’s turn to nag.

I couldn’t understand cos at least she knew I was married.

So we got in a little fight, though the club was really tight.

It wasn’t long before Dread came in the door.

The bouncers tried to push us out, but Dread had a gun.

It was helter-skelter and everybody was scattered.

Hocus-pocus, it’s my turn to focus,

But I was blank as my heart sank when I saw Alicia through the flying planks.

It’s like the time stopped, and the silence was loud.

I found myself amidst the crowd in my dark little cloud.

As the bullet railed from Dread’s gun, it seemed like hours as it covered the distance.

And bang it hit the temples, it wasn’t mine, it was Alicia’s.

I remember asking myself what she was doing here taking my bullets?

I covered my face cos she’s died in my place.

So how could it be said, that brother killed sister cos sister’s husband is dating brother’s wife?

Twisted, isn't it?


Stage Three

Then the police came, but Dread wouldn’t go easy.

At this point, my head was clear though I still felt a little dizzy.

I was flat faced on the floor, very close to the door.

The silence grew louder, as the gunshots came out faster.

It rained blood in the club, and then finally it stopped.

I couldn’t believe when I saw that Dread too was dead.

How could it be said, that brother killed sister, and brother got killed, all cos sisters husband is dating brother’s wife?

Twisted, isn't it?


Stage four

So back to where we started,

When I awoke, I prayed that night was a dream.

But with the blood on my shirt, I knew it was as bad as it did seem.

Knock! Knock! On my door.

Twas Alicia’s father the preacher.

I couldn’t look him in the face,

Cos I just took his son and his daughter.

Tears streamed down my cheeks and there I knew I aint no more doing chicks.

I begged for his forgiveness but he gave me much more.

He forgave me and gave me a hug and then he told me of the Lord.

I couldn’t understand, how could he stand to talk to me let alone to hug me?

At that point everything he said, I heard and I believed.

I prayed to the Lord and asked for his mercy.

I accepted him into my heart and determined to live a good life.

But how could it be said, that brother and sister are both dead because of me, yet am forgiven by their father?

Twisted, isn't it?


Stage five

Now two months had gone by, and am still in the Most High

But, Denise, was still angry cos Dread was dead.

Not cos she loved her husband, but cos he was rich.

Now that he is gone he left her nothing in the will.

I aint into her no more, cos I am into the Lord.

She blamed me for it all, and sought some revenge.

I knew I did some wrong, but 'twas definitely not to Denise.

So on this hot Sunday afternoon, I had a great time in church.

As I crossed the road to get in my car,

I saw the black Mercedes pulling just by mine.

As the windows rolled down, I knew it wasn’t all fine.

Before I knew it, it rained bullets on me.

I couldn’t feel the pain; I just knew the lights went out.

Suddenly all was dark, and then all was bright.

How could it be said, that brother killed sister, and brother got killed, their father forgives me, and the widowed brother's wife with whom I had the affair, now gets the best of me?

Twisted, isn't it?


Stage 6: The court

I stood before the lord, and now I had to give accounts.

The accuser spoke first of the all the wrong that I did.

I lied and I cheated and I made the Lord bleed.

His speech came to a climax when he blamed me for Dread being in Hell.

At this point I was ready to say, yeah I did this and now that I am as dead as Dread, I too ought to burn in Hell.

As I opened my mouth to speak the master’s hands shut my lips.

Let him speak for himself the accuser said.

The master said, who is this that condemns, it I who died, I who was raised and lives making intercessions on his behalf. Check the law to the Romans, section  8 and subsection 34.

On my behalf, he started quoting from the books and got the point where he said I already paid before.

Take it easy the accuser said, I think you got it wrong this time.

But the Master said, just in case you’ve forgotten I was wounded, and bruised for their iniquity, having blotted out all the handwriting f the wrong against him and nail them to the cross. Now that one is in the law to the Colossians, section  2 subsection 14.

Oh no the accuser said, just listen to yourself, he is an alien to the truth.

Have you not read? Said the master, There is a law for that - ye who were once aliens have been drawn near through the blood.  Ephesians section 2 subsection 13

But the wages of sin is death, the accuser went on, that is your Law to the Romans Section 6 subsection 23.

Oh, no, you quoted subsection 23 'a', the 'b' part says - But the gift of God is life eternal…quote the whole scripture, the Master retorted.

But the soul that sinneth shall die, the accuser cried out

Having died with Christ shall we not also live with him Roman section 6 subsection  8 the master ditched out.

Oh no, this is not fair, the accuser cried out.

Indeed, but who shall lay any charge against the Lord’s elect; it is I who justifies Romans section 8 subsection 33.

It all got to its climax when the Jesus said

Now Satan, have you read about what happened to he that accuses the brethren?

Oh no, this is not my case, I am not on trial here, the accuser fidgeted.

Well, you are the master replied. Revelation section 12 subsection 10, for the accuser of the brethren, shall be cast down!!!!



And now am in heaven writing this story,

For you there on earth, to know it’s not mere history

Believe and receive him, then you shall see his glory

How could it be said, that Dread in Hell cos of me, and I in heaven cos of Mercy!!!

Ridiculous mercy, cos I was guilty, but I’m justified!!!

Twisted, isn't it?



Uche Iloka © 30 Nov 2012











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