What We Do @ Oracles Artworld

I. Oracles Creative Maestro

We recognize art as about the strongest motivating force of influence in the world today whether positively or negatively. It may not be drastic but as long as there is a consistent audience it is sure. Hence, our expression through the Oracles Creative Maestro is fundamental to all that we do. This is the expression of our mission through the various forms of Creative Arts.


Theatre Productions

This sub-arm major in the fusion of music, dance and drama as a vital tool in carrying out of our purpose. The creative combination of the various forms of art on stage results in an exquisite montage that leaves an indelible mark in the minds of the audience.


Musical Production

This includes our various forms of involvement in the line of music because we recognize music as a universal language that cuts across barriers. This ranges from producing musical albums under our label to organizing musical concerts.


Oracles Creative Maestro Publications

These are publications in poetry and prose forms to the end of passing an enduring message for virtue acquisition.


Oracles Creative Maestro Artworks

We believe in the power of creativity, it is the dream of the Oracles Artworld to actively engage in the sustenance of the dignity of pure arts around the world. In order to create open doors for harnessing potentials in this area, we organize regular art exhibitions with positive messages and thereby promote and encourage promising artists.


II. Kiddies Oracles

The saying goes- ‘we can predict our future if we invent it’. We say; ‘we can invent our future by building our children, hence the ‘Kiddies Oracles’. It’s a platform for Children to discover and express themselves in a myriad of ways. Ranging from Kiddies publications, Kiddies leadership clubs, Kiddies Theatrical and Musical productions etc.

We engage with the children from their early years to build the necessary Character traits needed for the accomplishments of their purpose.


Kiddies Oracles Publications

These are publications of children story books in poetry, prose and plays forms, geared toward creating with the children a motivating force and courage to think and act right; being all they were born to be.


Kiddies Oracles Club

We create an avenue for positive social interaction among kids from varied backgrounds; giving them an opportunity to run it themselves with distant supervision from adults thereby causing the kids to discover their leadership abilities; their various source of relevance to the society.

The kiddies’ oracles club is involved in the following activities:


Annual International Kiddies Summer Camp

This is an annual step towards the “new mindset”, which allows for a world void of hate and low self-esteem and the consequences of these emotional states. If a new world is possible, then it can only be by a new people who have not been corrupted by the manners of the old. So this summer camp is an avenue for children around the world to develop character in a different and light environment, to learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests. This camp would include adventure, arts and sports.


Kiddies Show Time

This involves the kiddie’s theatre and musical productions which would be a combination of educative and inspiring drama, music and dance with talk shows and games that would shed light on issues that commonly bother on the heart of kids, and also initiating academic groups/peers and talent groups/peers.


Kiddies Oracles Outreach

This is an arm of kiddies’ oracles that empowers children in unfavourable circumstance, warring against child abuse and trafficking.


Kiddies Oracles Cartoon and Video Games Production

This involves cartoon and video games production that features star heroes that would serve as proper TV role models to the children of the world.



III. Oracles Multi Media

Multimedia is a major platform by which entertainment, information, inspiration, education and varied key facets of day-to-day living are engaged with the society. We will also employ the various aspects of multimedia to express the contents of our mission is the accomplishment of our purpose.

As a result, we have platforms such as Telitasitiz Magazine, Telitasitiz TV and our blogs on the various social media platforms from which we intend to reach the entire world with our message of ‘Individuality’.



IV. Oracles Artworld Resources

This is the arm of the Oracles Artworld that seeks to achieve our purpose through socio-economic empowerment. This arm will engage in running the Oracles Arts Village and various other inspiring enterprises, motivational seminars and a school of arts to serve as a platform for discovering inherent abilities and ultimate possibilities. Literally, it would be a bank of means for purpose accomplishment socially and financially.


V. The Patriots

This is the arm of Oracles that engages in matters concerning National developments; Social, Economic and Political issues as regards Nations and the rights of her citizens to a worthy existence, peace, joy and the pursuit of happiness.


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